In order to make use of warranties, the presentation of the proof of purchase is required in any case. For our KKT KOLBE devices we provide warranty for the end user under the following conditions independent of the obligations of the dealer from the sales contract:

The warranty extends to the repair of the device or the rejected parts free of charge. A claim for free replacement exists only for those parts that show defects in material and processing. All direct wage and material costs incurred to remedy this defect are covered. Further claims are excluded.

The warranty period is 24 months and begins at the time of delivery, which must be proven by invoice or delivery bill. From the 7th month onwards, the buyer has the obligation to prove that the defect was already present at the time of delivery.

2. Within the warranty period all functional faults which are demonstrably due to manufacturing or material defects despite correct connection, proper handling and compliance with the valid KKT KOLBE installation instructions and operating manuals will be eliminated by our customer service. Enamel and paint damages are only covered by this factory warranty if they are reported to our customer service within 1 week after delivery of the KKT KOLBE device. Transport damages must be claimed against the carrier according to the conditions of the carrier.

3. By claiming the warranty the warranty period is not extended for the device or for newly installed parts. Replaced parts become our property.

KKT KOLBE decides on place, kind and extent of the repair or exchange of the device at its discretion. If not agreed otherwise, our customer service center has to be informed. The repair is carried out exclusively in our customer service workshop. During the first 6 months KKT KOLBE bears the costs for collection, repair and return shipment. Assembly costs are taken over in the amount of max. 49 €, deviating costs must be approved in advance. From the 7th month this is at the discretion of KKT KOLBE.

5. The spare parts necessary for the repair and the working time will not be charged.

6. We are not liable for damages and defects of devices and their parts, which were caused by:

  • External chemical or physical effects during transport, storage, installation and use (e.g. damage caused by quenching with water, overflowing food, condensation water, overheating). Hairline cracks in enamelled or tile-glazed parts do not constitute a quality defect.
  • Incorrect size selection.
  • Non-observance of our installation and operating instructions, the applicable general and local building regulations of the responsible authorities, electricity supply companies.
  • Unusual voltage fluctuations compared to the nominal voltage of electrical appliances.
  • Incorrect operation and overloading and resulting overheating of the equipment, improper handling, insufficient care, insufficient cleaning of the equipment or its parts; use of unsuitable cleaning agents (see operating instructions).
  • Rust formation inside the device (e.g. because food has been stored in the oven) due to moisture. We are not liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the devices. This also includes room soiling caused by decomposition products of organic dust components, whose pyrolysis products can be deposited as a dark coating on wallpaper, furniture, textiles and oven parts.

If the removal of a defect is not covered by our warranty, the end user must pay the costs of the visit of the fitter and the repair.

The KKT KOLBE Küchentechnik GmbH & Co. KG only provides warranty for its products in Germany or Austria. In other countries please contact the seller.

Last update 07.10.2020