SUSTAINABILITY is a top priority at KKT KOLBE.
Together with our partners, we work every day to reduce our environmental footprint.

Sustainable and fair: Your purchase at KKT KOLBE is a very good decision.

Thank you for your interest in the KKT KOLBE online store and the high-quality kitchen appliances plus washing machines and refrigerators it offers. You are doing everything right by shopping at KKT KOLBE, because we attach great importance to sustainable production of all our appliances. We also have "Fair Trade" written on our flag. We are concerned that minimum wages are paid and fair working conditions are implemented. We are also constantly reducing packaging waste. Thus, less and less plastic is used when we professionally pack KKT KOLBE devices and ship them to your desired address within Germany. Avoid senseless waste, conserve resources: This is our motto.

Setting standards: KKT KOLBE as a pioneer in fair trade.

Rest assured that we at KKT KOLBE are thinking about the generation of tomorrow - and the generation of the day after tomorrow. Trust in our sustainability concepts, because only together we make a difference. Be a part of our fair trade movement and recommend us to friends and acquaintances with a clear conscience. As a renowned design manufacturer based in Germany, we are waiting with innovative products for the kitchen - and that for over 20 years. Benefit from low water consumption with our KKT KOLBE dishwashers. In addition, our items are particularly energy-saving and durable. Invest in quality today and enjoy it for a long time. Did you know that our returns do not end up in the trash? Instead, we control them strictly and then offer them to you in our outlet as 2nd choice devices sensationally cheap.

✓ constant packaging optimization to reduce waste
✓ constant further development of our devices to save energy and water
✓ Our returns are not simply thrown away, but repaired and sold as 2nd choice at low prices
✓ Fair working conditions and payment of minimum wages at our suppliers
✓ Focus on the durability of our equipment
✓ Sustainable production of our products