SET8017_5900IND EB8017ED + KF5900IND

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  • EB8017ED + KF5900IND
  • 60 cm built-in oven, glass front, stainless steel handle
  • PowerAir hot air, telescopic slides, core temperature sensor
  • Catalysis and Steam Clean Cleaning System
  • 59cm Induction hob, 4 zones, SensorTouch
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  • Hob Number 4
  • Special features PowerAir Convection, EcoCook, Pizza function, Telescopic runners, Meat probe, Catalytic cleaning, Automatic after-running mode, Autarkic
  • Fuel Type Induction
  • Control SensorTouch
  • Telescopic rails 2


With this offer you get not only one stove set, but two self-sufficiently functioning devices. You can install these two components independently of each other in your kitchen.


This premium KKT KOLBE oven is a dream come true for all gourmet chefs. The appliance can be conveniently operated using TouchSelect sensor keys. On the inside of the oven there are removable catalytic plates with powder coating. These enable self-cleaning at normal baking temperatures (approx. 200 °C). This saves you a lot of energy compared to a pyrolysis process (400 °C required). This model has a DampfClean cleaning system. This softens soiling by steam so that it is easy to wipe it off.

A double thermal insulation glazing ensures a pleasant temperature on the outer pane. The integrated telescopic pull-outs ensure convenient and simple handling with hot metal sheets and grids. The core temperature sensor guarantees a precise frying result by monitoring the internal temperature of your food. Thanks to the PowerAir hot-air function with ring heater, you achieve optimum heat distribution in the interior and perfect results, regardless of the baking level. In the defrosting stage, your frozen food is gently and quickly defrosted. The pizza stage is ideal for recipes with moist toppings and crispy dough, such as pizza, quiche, fruit and cheese cakes. With the small grill you can grill a small amount of flat food. The large grill is ideal for large quantities of e.g. steaks, schnitzel and fish. It is also suitable for toasting. The appliance is equipped with a child safety lock. The appliance is self-sufficient and can therefore be installed in your kitchen independently of other appliances. The EcoCook grill/roast system is particularly suitable for grilling and roasting large pieces of meat in the gentle low-temperature range as well as for gratinating and gratinating. The black appliance is a visual highlight in your kitchen.

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Operating mode: Electric cooker
  • Colour: Black/Silver
  • Surface material: stainless steel and glass
  • Levels: 5
  • Operation: SensorTouch
  • Self-cleaning: Catalytic plates
  • Automatic timer: Yes
  • Core temperature sensor: Yes
  • Grill/roasting system: Yes
  • Telescopic slides: 2
  • Special equipment: PowerAir Hot air EcoCook Pizza function Telescopic pull-out Temperature sensor Catalysis cleaning Follow-up automatic Autarkic
  • Functions: Steam clean Hot air convection grill Grill Defrosting stage Lower heat Upper and lower heat Convection large grill Lighting
  • Accessories: 2 baking trays 1 grill rack Manual Assembly material
  • Energy efficiency index: 81.9
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Energy consumption per cycle in recirculation mode: 0.69kWh/cycle
  • Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode: 1.06kWh/cycle
  • Capacity: 72L
  • Plug type: Schuko plug, pre-assembled
  • power output: 2900W
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • width: 59,5 cm
  • height: 59,5 cm
  • length: 56,5 cm
  • weight: 35,5 kg


The KKT KOLBE induction hob convinces with its high-quality workmanship and functionality. The hob has 4 cooking zones. The surface made of high-quality SUPERKERAMIK® glass ceramic ensures quality and safety and is easy to clean. The appliance is self-sufficient and can therefore be installed in your kitchen independently of other appliances. The appliance can be conveniently operated using TouchSelect sensor keys. With the slider of the control panel, you can set the temperature level of the hotplates with a single wipe. The LED display shows all important information at a glance.

All cooking zones have 15 switching stages. A built-in sensor monitors the temperature to prevent damage. The hob switches itself off automatically if the temperature is too high. If a cooking zone is still hot, you will be warned of this by an LED lamp. You can use the timer function to switch off cooking zones in a time-controlled manner. If there is no suitable cooking utensil on the cooking zone, it is automatically switched off. The black appliance is a visual highlight in your kitchen. The width of the hob is 59cm.

Please note that there must be approx. 5 cm of air under the hob to cool the induction coils. A slot of 5mm x 560mm must be at the front between the worktop and the oven panel / door. The wooden traverse of the cabinet - if present - must be removed.

  • Cooktop type: Electric
  • Special features: Induction
  • Color: Black
  • Surface: glass ceramic
  • Number of hotplates: 4
  • Hob details: 2x 1200W Zone, Booster 1800W 180mm; 2x 1800W Zone, Booster 2000W 200mm
  • power output: 6000W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Installation dimensions: 56x49cm
  • width: 59cm
  • height: 6,4cm
  • length: 52cm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • If the hob is installed directly above the oven, the worktop should be at least 38mm thick to ensure correct installation.

The unit will be delivered by a forwarding agent free kerbstone (the unit will not be carried into the home). The forwarding agent will contact you via e-mail to arrange a delivery date with you.

Length specifications are always in cm.
Energy class scale: A+++ (very efficient) to D (less efficient).

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Main Colour: Black
Voltage: 220-240
Number of cooking chambers: 1
Warranty: 2 Years
Fitting dimensions: 56x49 cm
Hob Number: 4
Installation: Built-in
Automatic timer: Yes
Special features: PowerAir Convection EcoCook Pizza function Telescopic runners Meat probe Catalytic cleaning Automatic after-running mode Autarkic
Fuel Type: Electric
Energy Efficiency Index: 81.9
Energy Efficiency Rating: A+
Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode: 1.06kWh/cycle
Levels: 5
Energy consumption per cycle in recirculation mode: 0.69kWh/cycle
Core temperature sensor/Meat probe: Yes
Grill-/Roastsystem: Yes
Fuel Type: Induction
Surface material: Stainless steel and glass
Surface: Ceramic Glass
Connector type: Plug type: UK plug
frame type: Frameless
Self cleaning: Catalytic plates
Control: SensorTouch
Telescopic rails: 2
Capacity: 72L
Equipment: 2 baking sheets 1 cooking grate Manual Assembly material
Features: Grill Large surface grill Circulating air Top and bottom heat Bottom heat Thaw mode Fan grill Hot air Steam-Clean Lamp
Features: Separate Hob Smooth Top Induction Hob
Finish: Stainless Steel & Glass
Cooking chamber width: 48 cm
Cooking chamber height: 35 cm
Cooking chamber length: 40 cm


Height: 65 cm
Depth: 56.5 cm
Package height: 80.1 cm
Width oven: 60
Width cooktop: 59
Package width: 72 cm
Hood Width: 59.5 cm
Package depth: 65 cm


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