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SDM630MCT 3 phase ammeter for HKW5000P1


  • High-quality measuring device / extension for HKW5000P1
  • Measures current consumption on phase 2 and 3
  • 0W power consumption possible despite single-phase feed-in
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This offer is aimed at commercial buyers with a system size of over 30KWp. For this, the legislator provides a VAT rate of 19%.

Private buyers and buyers with a system size of less than 30KWp are subject to a VAT rate of 0%.

Phase current meter SDM630MCT

This current measuring device can be purchased as an option for the HKW5000P1. It measures the current consumption on phase 1, 2 and 3 and transmits the values to the Inverter.

Since the HKW5000P1 can only feed in and measure current on one phase without an extension, the energy that exceeds the consumption of phase 1 is first charged into the battery and then fed into the public grid. With the ADW300 extension, the HKW5000P1 feeds exactly as much power into the grid via one phase as phases 1, 2 and 3 consume, even if the battery is not yet fully charged. In this way, in the optimum case, only a power consumption of 0W is measured at the main power meter, as the power consumption of all phases is offset (netted) against each other at the main power meter. Please note that the emergency power function with this extension is still only possible on one phase.


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This item consists of
SDM630MCT 3 phase ammeter for HKW5000P1

1 x SDM630MCT 3 phase ammeter for HKW5000P1

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