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Micro Inverter 800 W WiFi-App NEP BDM800


  • Powerful micro-inverter with an output power of 800 W, downgrade via App to 600 W possible
  • MPPT function maximises the output of your PV System
  • 2 MC4 plugs and sockets for 2 solar modules per Inverter
  • IP 67 protection class protects the inverter against dust and water jets
  • WiFi app for monitoring and controlling your system
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For Austria: This offer is aimed at buyers who do not fulfil the conditions for the application of the zero tax rate in accordance with § 28 para. 62 UStG 1994.

For Germany: This offer is aimed at commercial buyers with a system size of over 30KWp. For this, the legislator provides for a VAT rate of 19%.
Private buyers and buyers with system sizes of less than 30KWp are subject to a VAT rate of 0%

Micro inverter 800 W WiFi NEP BDM800

The NEP BDM800 is the ideal micro-inverter for balcony power plants. It converts PV power generated by balcony power plants or rooftop systems in conformity with the grid and feeds it directly into the domestic grid, where it is then used immediately. This inverter is mounted directly under a PV module and is only responsible for the connected modules. Through MPPT technology (Max Power Point Tracking), the power of your photovoltaic panels is optimally utilised. Since the connected module power per inverter may be 1200 W, a high output power can be generated more or longer in combination with e.g. 2 x 440 W modules than if 2 x 300 W modules are connected.

The micro-inverter converts direct current from connected PV modules into alternating current and can be directly integrated into the circuit. The electricity fed into the grid is thus used immediately and reduces the amount of electricity drawn from the public grid.

Information video about this NEP inverter.

Downgrade to 600 W

Experience more power and flexibility with the NEP Downgrade function, which makes it possible to reduce the output power of your micro inverter from 800 W to 600 W using the NEPViewer app. This solution is particularly attractive as it allows for easy retrofitting without an electrician when the VDE standard soon allows inverters with 800 W output power. Use the full potential of your solar system and optimise energy production effectively and easily in the future. This feature offers you more efficiency and autonomy, all without additional hardware or complex installations.


The electronics of the NEP micro-inverters are state-of-the-art and already offer integrated energy measurement via app and WiFi. For this purpose, you can integrate the inverter into your home WiFi and monitor the energy generation via smartphone. The maximum continuous input current (DC) is 2 x 17A, so that the NEP micro inverters are already equipped for solar modules up to 600W.

VDE certified

The micro-inverter is certified according to VDE-AR-N-4105:2018 and may be legally operated in Germany. It includes NA protection and thus switches off immediately when disconnected from the mains.


The NEP BDM800 is built into a robust die-cast aluminium housing with excellent heat conduction properties. Due to its location directly under solar modules, good thermal management is important for the longevity of micro-Inverters.


The inverter is dust-proof, submersible against water (IP67) and can be mounted directly on the solar module or mounting profile. The connection is very simple with a plug connection. If you wish to operate the system with a Wieland plug and feed-in socket, you have the option of purchasing these separately from a retailer and having the plug converted by a qualified electrician.

High performance

The NEP micro-inverter achieves an efficiency of up to 96.5% and offers fast separate MPPT tracking for each solar module. This enables optimal yield even when the modules are partially shaded and in all weather conditions.

Integrated WiFi

A WiFi module is integrated for easy monitoring. The inverter connects to your home WLAN network and records the current power. With the NEPViewer app, you can then track the generation live and visualise and analyse it over time. So no other devices are needed to measure energy!

Mounting material is not included in the scope of delivery

Depending on availability, the model offered or an identical model with a different designation may be supplied.

The product meets the requirements of VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, among others.

Technical data

Input power

  • Number of MC4 connections: 2 sets
  • Maximum input power: 2 x 600 W
  • Maximum input voltage: 60 V
  • Maximum input current: 2 x 17 A

Output power

  • Peak efficiency: 97.3 %
  • Maximum output power: 800 W
  • Nominal output voltage: 230 V
  • Nominal output current at 230 V: 3.26 A
  • Output frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz


  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C
  • Length: 4.2 cm
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Height: 26.8 cm
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Protection class: IP-66, IP-67
  • Warranty: 10 years

Note: For the power connection with Schuko plug, the connection cable NEP5M is required.


Main Colour: Silver
Power: 701-800 W
Connector: MC4 compatible
Inverter technology: Microinverter
Connection type: MC4
Pliability: Firm
System configuration: On Grid


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