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HKW10NVP3 Hybrid Wechselrichter 3 Phasen


  • High-quality hybrid inverter for photovoltaic systems with 10 kWp output power.
  • 2 MPPT trackers maximise the output of your PV modules
  • Comfortable emergency power function on 3 phases for battery storage Systems
  • The inverter is dust- and waterproof with IP 65 protection class
  • WiFi app for monitoring and controlling your system
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For Austria: This offer is aimed at buyers who do not fulfil the conditions for the application of the zero tax rate in accordance with § 28 para. 62 UStG 1994.

For Germany: This offer is aimed at commercial buyers with a system size of over 30KWp. For this, the legislator provides for a VAT rate of 19%.
Private buyers and buyers with system sizes of less than 30KWp are subject to a VAT rate of 0%

Home-Powerplant Hybrid Inverter HKW10NVP3 - dual mode: feed 10 kW into the grid and charge 10 kW battery at the same time.

Approx. 36 photovoltaic modules (up to 15kWp) can easily be connected to this high-quality hybrid inverter.

Self-consumption mode: The electricity generated by the solar modules during the day first supplies the building with energy, and the battery is charged with the surplus energy. When the optional battery is fully charged, the surplus energy can be fed into the grid or consumed by the building itself. For example, hot water can be heated via an electric heater, an electric car can be charged or a heat pump can be operated. At night, the battery supplies the house with electricity until it is empty. As a rule, this is set once and then runs on its own without any further adjustments.

Emergency power or backup power in the event of a grid failure or shutdown: In the event of a power failure, the 3-phase emergency power function disconnects the hybrid inverter from the grid and switches to stand-alone operation. Within a few milliseconds after the power interruption, three phases in the domestic grid are supplied with power again. All relevant emergency power consumers, such as heating and light, can thus be connected to different phases. In isolated operation, all three phases are supplied with power until the batteries are empty. It can also be set that the battery charge does not fall below a predefined percentage value. So if it is known that the grid will be switched off, the battery can be charged to 100 % beforehand or the battery is only discharged to e.g. 50 % in normal operation so that there is always an emergency reserve. The power feed into the grid can be set variably between 0 % and 100 %. Operation without grid feed-in is possible.

All performance data in the app: This requires the optional Wifi Stick KKTWS01, which can connect the inverter to thousands of Smart live compatible devices via the app. With automated scenes, for example, a normal heating rod can be used to produce hot water in conjunction with a smart socket. It does not require a special PV heating rod, which can cost a few hundred euros. In combination with e.g. a KKTNVB5.1 battery storage, the energy generated during the day is stored and can then be consumed at night.

The hybrid inverter is black-start capable: if the batteries are empty, the inverter switches off. As soon as the PV modules have recharged the batteries, it starts up again. As a rule, the system generates enough power even in winter to permanently supply the heating and light with electricity.

Tandem mode: If you would like to integrate your existing photovoltaic system into this system or add to the system at a later date, the KKT KOLBE domestic power plant HKW10NVP3 recognises the third system (also from another manufacturer). For example, during the winter months, the battery can additionally be charged via the third party system. In this way, you can easily expand this system to e.g. 30 kW at a later date, e.g. to supply a heat pump.

Connection recommendation: We recommend supplying the entire house distribution via backup battery. Only large electricity consumers, such as heat pumps, welding equipment, large motors with high starting currents, etc., should be connected between the electricity meter from the grid operator and before the inverter. These devices are then not supplied with power from the battery.

Further information: Please watch the explanation and installation videos. You can find further information videos on our website at Photovoltaics in the video library, e.g. installation of photovoltaic modules, registration in the market master data register, tips and tricks, etc.

If you have any questions or need advice, you can reach our expert customer service team from Monday to Friday, 13:45 to 15:45, on 09502 66793 70. We are happy to help.

Technical data

Input power (DC)

  • Maximum input voltage: 1000 V per string (open circuit voltage of the module must not exceed 800 V in total)
  • Nominal input voltage: 620 V
  • Minimum input voltage: 180 V
  • MPPT voltage range: 140 V - 1000 V
  • Maximum input current per MPPT: 15 A
  • Maximum short-circuit current per MPPT: 20 A
  • Number of MPP trackers: 2
  • Strings per MPP tracker: 1

Output power (AC)

  • Peak efficiency: 98.6%
  • Euro efficiency: 98.1%
  • Nominal output power mains: 10,000 W + 10,000 W battery charging simultaneously
  • Maximum output power: 11,000 VA
  • Nominal output voltage: 400 V 3L + N
  • Maximum rated output current: 16 A (if mains is available 25A)
  • Output mains frequency range: 50Hz / 60Hz (+ - 5 Hz)
  • Total distortion factor (THDi): 3%

Safety & Protection

  • Overvoltage protection: Yes
  • Magnetic insulation: Yes
  • Ground monitoring: Yes
  • Mains protection: Yes
  • Feed-in monitoring: Yes
  • Feedback current monitoring: Yes
  • fault current detection: Yes
  • Islanding protection: Yes
  • Overload protection: Yes
  • Overheating protection: Yes
  • Emergency current / island operation: Yes 3 phases
  • Black start possible: Yes


  • Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C
  • Length: 16.1 cm
  • Width: 38 cm
  • Height: 48.3 cm
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Battery optional KKTNVB5.1 min. 2 pcs. 4 pcs. or 6 pcs.
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Power: 10000W
Grid connection: 3 phases
Inverter technology: Hybrid


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HKW10NVP3 Hybrid Inverter 3 Phase

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